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I hereby declare that I am the legal owner of the above named pet and that the information shown on this form is correct and that I consent to the disclosure of clinical information regarding my pet by my veterinary surgeon for the purposes of this referral.


- Section for Veterinarian -

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Please provide details of the condition requiring hydrotherapy and/or acupuncture (delete as appropriate) along with any relevant history:

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Is your patient suffering from any condition, such as heart disease, that would make him unsuitable for hydrotherapy?
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Is your patient suffering from any infectious disease or other condition that could pose a risk to other dogs?

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Please post to: Lucies Farm Ltd., Whitecroft, Colletts Green, Worcester WR2 4RY or give to your client to bring to the first appointment.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this form. We will provide you with a report of your patient's treatment at Lucies Farm.