Dog Massage

During the summer months, we create a calm oasis in our two acre garden overlooking our private lake. Our trained masseur or masseuse gently massages your pet, particularly working on any areas that need special attention. We speak to the dog in a soft and gentle manner, and the dog will enjoy the soothing sounds and smells of an English summer.

In cooler months, or at wet times, we massage in a specially prepared Zen Den with soft lighting and muted music. A massage is especially beneficial after a hydrotherapy session.

Canine Hydrotherapy

Our pool is a fully heated (to 88 °F = 31°C), tiled, indoor, in-ground pool. It is contained in a heated and dehumidified pool room with non-slip surfaces throughout. One wall is floor-to-ceiling windows with views of the garden outside, and there are two large skylights. There is soothing background music via a B&O system.

There is an underwater fully adjustable Fluvo current to provide the "endless pool" effect.

We use only the finest Biolab pool chemicals, and the various levels are tested three times each day using a photometer and test strips.

There is a trained technician in the pool at all times. Dogs wear canine life preservers. Entry to the pool is via a non-skid, and gently sloping, PetRamp. We do not use a hoist or winch, which can cause distress.

Full treatment records are kept, and can be forwarded to your dog's veterinarian. We have an emergency veterinarian on call at all times.

Canine Acupuncture

Canine acupuncture is provided by Richard Chamings of The White House in Malvern. Richard is a licensed veterinarian, and is specially trained in canine acupuncture.

Special thin acupuncture needles are used: your dog will not be in any discomfort.


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