"Massage reduces stress, aids in healing, and provides ongoing health care for your pet. By giving your dog the gift of massage, you are rewarding him or her for a lifetime of companionship and friendship."

The primary benefits of dog massage are:

Increased blood circulation

Massage increases the circulation of blood to most tissues and cells in your dog's body. Apart from making your pet feel good, this will help with any healing process.

Increased lymph movement

Massage helps to move lymph through your dog's lymphatic system. It is thought that massage also enhances the flow of Qi (energy) throughout the life force meridians of the body—a fundamental belief of traditional Chinese medicine.


Touch creates comfort and tranquility. Touch is a basic, essential need. It creates nurturing and caring for your pet. It is calming and therapeutic.

Natural pain relief

Massaging releases naturally produced chemicals (endorphins) thereby relieving pain and discomfort. In The Healing Touch for Dogs, Dr. Michael Fox says that pet massage has "both physical and psychological benefits. It is almost essential care, like grooming, feeding, and exercise." He also says that "pets who are confined indoors will benefit from massage. Older animals who suffer from chronic and degenerative disorders such as muscular cramps, stiffness, and arthritis will also benefit." Massage can help with emotional distress. And, just as with humans, it will help to maintain muscle tone and good bone density.

How much does it cost?

For guests at the Lucies Farm Luxury Pet Resort, a half-hour session is £17.00.. Or you can purchase a "Six Pack" of six half-hour sessions for £92.00, a 10% savings.

Day guests are also warmly welcomed. A half-hour session is £26.75. A "Six Pack" is £145.00, a 10% savings.

All prices are plus VAT.

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